Welcome to College of Western Idaho Tutoring!

We are here to help students become informed, empowered, and successful individuals in college and beyond. These are the services we provide for currently enrolled CWI students:

• Drop-in Tutoring (online or on campus)
• Appointments (online or on campus)
• Writing support via online submission
• Last-minute, on-demand help from Tutor.com (found within Blackboard's Tools menu)

We also offer study groups, embedded tutoring in select CWI classes, study skills workshops, and tutoring for non-native English speakers. For more information, visit our website at cwi.edu/tutoring or contact us directly.

Call/Text: 208.918.3820
For general tutoring: tutoring@cwi.edu
For the Writing Center: writing@cwi.edu

Getting Started

Need help? Watch the How-To Videos below about CWI's tutoring system to help you get started.

Scheduling a session with a 24/7 live tutor:

Submitting a paper for review: